The Rise of RevOps: In Conversation with Mark Znutas, VP, GTM Strategy and Ops at Hubspot

Join Mark Znutas, Vice President, GTM Strategy and Operations for a 30 min. session on the Rise of Revenue Operations, and the impact it has had on operations professionals. The past 10 years have marked a shift in the way internal operations are viewed. Operations used to be viewed as a career people fell into— now it is a specialty that professionals strive to attain. Mark Znutas has spent the last 7 years of his career at Hubspot witnessing this shift from inside the world of operations. In this session, Mark will discuss his progression from a Sales Strategy and Operations Analyst to his current role as VP, GTM Strategy and Ops at Hubspot, lessons learned along the way, how the shift in operations has affected his career, and what that means for the future of operations.
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