What is Operations Nation?

Operations Nation (ON) is a digital ecosystem designed to showcase the people, systems, and processes that power our businesses and make the world go round.

ON is a one-stop-shop for anyone with an interest in or passion for operations:

  • Existing startup/scaleup operations managers who are seeking more resources to be the best ops leaders they can be
  • Experienced operations leaders who are happy to share their expertise and knowledge
  • Those who are aspiring to be operations managers/leaders, but aren't sure how
  • Everyone else who don't yet know they would make great operations professionals

Our Mission and Vision

ON mission is to create and curate a knowledge base filled with ops-specific content, tools, resources, and workshops to help operations professionals not only survive but thrive, at every stage of their ops career.

ON vision is a world where operational best practices are just as readily accessible as any other business information, where operations is just as respected a discipline as strategy, and where young men and women are as likely to aspire to become COOs and operational leaders as CEOs.

Operations Nation | 2021