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Featured Event: cONference 2021

Join the first ever global cONference for all startup and scaleup operations professionals.

cONference speakers and panelists:

  • Allison Pickens, Investor & Former COO at Gainsight.
  • COO Stories co-founders Ben Gateley (CEO & Co-founder of CharlieHR, former COO) and Kelsey Traher (COO at Marvel App)
  • Brooks Busch, Host of Aspiring Ops podcast and CEO & Co-founder of Elate
  • Gerisha Nadaraju, Host of Product Ops Podcast
  • Hari Raghavan, Founder & CEO of Abstract Ops
  • Maria Gyemant, Founder of @People Ops, People & Talent Consultant at The People Collective
  • Marta Kutt, Principal Business Operations at Qatalog
  • Mike Strange, Director of Operations at Just Eat for Business
  • Scott Amenta, Founder of the Chief of Staff Network, Co-founder of Sylva
  • Sean Lane, Senior Director, Field Operations at Drift, Host of the Operations with Sean Lane Podcast

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Startup CFO: The UK's leading network for CFOs in disruptive technology businesses.


"The group was founded in 2012 by a small collective of early-stage CFOs who observed that there seemed to be a distinct lack of quality meetups for the finance startup community, particularly when compared with their tech and marketing counterparts. The formation of the group was motivated by a desire to bring together senior finance professionals to actively contribute to discussions, collaborate in solving common issues and engage in meeting their peer group at events. We see great value in collectively pooling our knowledge and sharing experiences. It is this collective behavior that allows us to run high-quality events for professionals in startups and deploy our skills to help build amazing businesses."

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